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Yubi Loop Pink Bubble Gum Grip and Stand for Smartphones and Tablets QNCYXRETE

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SAFER GRIP with YubiLoop, Hang onto Your SmartPhone. EASY SELFIES Securely Hold & Take better selfies, reduces phone drops. ARTHRITIS sufferers look no further than a YubiLoop to help hold the phone with less pain. WE ARE AN AMERICAN COMPANY, if you have issues, we are here to answer questions.MULTI-TASK WITH YUBILOOP: Easily flip your phone to the back of your hand, freeing up your fingers to grip a cup, purse, backpack, notebook, car keys or anything else you need your hand for.YUBILOOP IS A STAND: Portrait & Landscape, while working or relaxing, have your phone propped up for easy viewing.SLIDES FLAT: YubiLoop Stores Easily in your pocket without looking like you have a big round plastic disc in your pocket. It’s about as thick as 2 quarters stacked.Researched,field proven-reusable adhesive-washable adhesive sticks to most devices and cases. Customers applying directly to iPhone 8, 8+, X and other glass-backed phones, don’t worry, YubiLoop adhesive will stick. I use the same adhesive on my YubiLoop and X, it has only come off when I have pulled it off on purpose. YubiLoop’s manufacturing partner has worked with us to develop a strong reusable adhesive that sticks without damaging the phone,we have used it on all kinds of cases and phones.

GOES IN YOUR POCKET! Unlike other brands, YubiLoop slides almost FLAT, .17” (about the height of 2 quarters stacked). It fits neatly in your pocket, but what if you don’t have pockets, i.e. skinny jeans, short shorts, skirts etc. THINK ABOUT IT: holding your phone in your hand makes it almost impossible to carry anything else in that same hand, holding your smartphone may become down right hard and scary if you are trying too, you don’t want to drop your EXPENSIVE phone. Luckily, with the YubiLoop smartphone grip and handle, you don’t have to worry about these problems any longer. In fact, the YubiLoop offers all the following helpful features. SAFER GRIP: Use the YubiLoop to hang onto your smartphone safely. STAND: The unique design allows you to stand your smartphone in both the portrait and landscape positions. EASY SELFIES: Securely hold your phone as you take pictures. MULTI-TASKING: The YubiLoop can easily flip to the back of your hand, thereby freeing up your fingers to perform other tasks like drinking from a cup with the same hand. Playing video games and holding your phone and the controller. SLIDES FLAT: When not in use, YubiLoop slides almost flat so it goes in your pocket without getting caught on your pocket. Measuring just 3 x 1 x 0.17 inches and weighing 0.6 oz, the YubiLoop is barely noticeable. SOFT STRAP: The strap is made from a silicone type substance that flexes around your finger, not a hard-plastic disc. For those with arthritis, this is a better way to hold your cell phone.

Yubi Loop Pink Bubble Gum Grip and Stand for Smartphones and Tablets QNCYXRETE

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